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Let me start by stating that what you will read and watch in this post some Medical Students spend tens even hundreds of thousands of dollars in education and never learn.

The key to reversing cancer lies in understanding the Cancer process itself.

People who die as a result of cancer 60% – 80% of the time die from Metastasis, which is simply the cancer traveling throughout the body. The cancer is able to do this because of two reasons:

a) the body’s liquid channels have become very acidic (full of nitrogen & ammonia).

b) your “supposed” immune system lead by the HL-A system can not tell the difference between White Blood Cells, Cancer Cells & Viral Cells.

white blood cells

The Metastasis of cancer can be grouped under Leukocytosis (the production of White Blood Cells) and you’ll understand why shortly. I have taken the time to make the entire process of cancer simple by creating a seven point diagram to illustrate how cancer starts and grows.

understanding cancer from the amber institute


The Virus (seed) is a constant in life, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE VIRUS/BACTERIA living in and on your body. The aspects of this garden that you can control are the soil (diet) and the weather (your daily/weekly work out routine).

Momatomix Bottle.001

Virus & Bacteria need a low oxygen/high nitrogen based environment to thrive in for the most part, understand nitrogen + hydrogen = ammonia so you can wind up with a nitrogen/ammonia based internal ecology very quickly if your not paying attention.


Nitrogen and Iron also compete for space so as nitrogen builds up in the body, not only does ammonia build up but also ANEMIA.

Notice Nitrogen on all sides of the Iron in a Red Blood Cell....

Notice Nitrogen on all sides of the Iron in a Red Blood Cell….



 This is where you have to be smart because if you get some savvy parasites (seeds) they will go to work creating the right type of soil and weather for themselves, this is called terra-forming.


There is a constant multi-faceted attack going on in you body to change it’s internal terrain. WBC’s, Bacteria, Mold, Spores, Fungi, Virus etc… all release toxic chemicals free radicals like R.O.S. (reactive oxygen species) and nitrogen based gases like nitric oxide & histamines that are poisonous to the tissues in the body. They can also release cytokines which mimic your body’s natural hormones giving them the ability to take over and control small area’s of your body if unchecked.

There are a wide variety of parasites that will attach themselves to either your brain or nervous system in order to merge it’s conscious directly with yours. This means that the parasite’s wishes will be your command. That should have lead to one of those awkward silent moments, if it didn’t then let me re-explain this another way. When you get the taste for alcohol , flesh (chicken, fish, beef, turkey, pork, processed sugars & starches, nitrogen/ammonia etc…. more times than not hose are not your cravings. The urge to call and hook up with certain people does not originate with “you”.

We have different behavior patterns with different people and your parasites know it. Your smoke buddies, drinking buddies, go out to eat buddies, booty call etc…. Once invaded and colonized by viruses they will have you do what is conducive to their growth. Take the Rabies virus a team of the virus will catch a white blood cell like a taxi cab and invade your brain/CNS to give you the uncontrollable urge to bite another animal. At the same time another team of rabies is taking over the salivary glands so that when you bite another animal they can swim into it and repeat the process. Most of us have strains of parasite living in and on us since before we were born that we received from our Mother.



These littles Monsters were the demons of old, that could take possession of your body and make you do things against your will. Demonic possession literally meant to be possessed by VIRUSES. They are by science dis-embodied “spirits” looking for a body to snatch. The fiction of Hollywood has made people blind to these facts because they are apart of the Hive.

Pay attention I must apologize in advance because I am a digress-aholic. The large majority of Americans are religious however they are not taught to follow the dietary regimen of their chosen system of organized spirituality. Case in point ask a black christian is macaroni and cheese with bbq chicken in their dietary laws or a muslim is a flu vaccine within their dietary laws, they will easily admit they are not but 90% of them will continue to indulge anyway. The bible specifies a vegetarian plant based diet and most people will reply with Leviticus &/or Deuteronomy, which they don’t fully understand. You see there is a downside to a plant based diet, it requires work and time. The problem being after a migration to a new land or after a natural disaster there may be no vegetation to eat in which case we were given instructions on how to eat animals for survival. The first thing is obviously prayer and asking for forgiveness, they major part in reference to our conversation is the particular animals we were instructed against. We were given instruction to never eat a scavenger or a predator, simply put never eat meat eaters. Flesh eating animals are full of Viruses that are eating their flesh and have very little nutrition to offer. The only animals we were instructed to eat in times of need are herbivores (vegans).

These things are crucial to your health because we will always have bacteria & viruses that live in and on us, so the two control-ables are of the utmost importance to master. If not you will provide the seed (virus) with fertile soil (diet) and weather (environment) to sprout you a cancer tree.



Inflammation is the Major player in the overwhelming majority of Auto-Immune diseases & Cancers.

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